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Working Out

Time to release your stress, get healthy and have FUN.


We all know what we’re supposed to be doing to maintain optimum health- exercising regularly and eating healthy. It sounds so simple right? So why aren’t you doing it?

ChicBoxing will show you how EASY it is!

Join one of our Fun, Powerful ChicBoxing classes in order to reach your fitness goals. Let's punch and kick that fat away for good!

All things happen for a reason and there's a reason you’ve landed on this page right now:

  • Are you sick of your current exercise regime?
  • Do you want to lose weight and you don't know how?
  • Do you NEED to start exercising TODAY before it's too late and things continue to go downhill?
  • Do you really want to do MMA (mixed martial arts) training in order to get fit?
  • Or, maybe fate has brought you here?

It’s time to get fit, toned and strong with ChicBoxing. You’ll have so much fun getting in shape with us that your calorie burning will feel like a party! WOOHOO!

We are currently located in Barrie, Orillia, Elmvale, St Thomas and Bracebridge ON. If you are a ChicBoxer and interested in starting a ChicBoxing Program in your city, please contact us here and let us know! If you have an interest in ChicBoxing and would like to be informed if one comes to your area then please let us know that too!

Here is what you can expect from only a few short weeks on your ChicBoxing program:

  • Up to 12 lbs weight lost and released from your body
  • Fat and inches reduced in all your trouble areas - Bye-bye Belly Fat ;-)
  • Increased energy levels, strength and stamina
  • An overall improvement in body, mind and spirit
Feel your best with Flatter Abs, Toned Arms and a sculpted lower body with ChicBoxing!

ChicBoxing embraces women of all ages and fitness levels to participate in this results oriented workout. All sessions are 1 hour and include

  • Fitness Kickboxing Technique
  • Air attack and combat (Shadow Boxing)
  • Core sculpting
  • Training to get fit and strong for “the ring”
  • Stretch and Relaxation
No Experience is Necessary

ChicBoxing is not an intimidating, male dominated ‘fight till you win’ martial arts class- no aggressive contact is involved. It is a friendly, non-competitive and safe fitness program designed to target trouble spots and sculpt your entire body.

Every ChicBoxing Package Includes:

  • Circumference measurements to notice how you progress from beginning to end!
  • Your own set of Handwraps
  • Fitness and Nutritional Tips
  • Accounability and Support towards hitting your personal health and fitness goals


Try Your First Class for Free
Become a ChicBoxing Coach

FREE STUFF when you JOIN ChicBoxing

  • a $197 value


    • A private Facebook page that is exclusive to ChicBoxers ONLY and is a wonderful area of nutrition, videos and motivation! 
    • email, phone and text support from your coach and Sara- if you have a question or  need something just let us know!
    a $47 value


    • This is your chance to see your results from doing ChicBoxing twice a week.
    • We will do your circumference measurements to see how many inches are lost along the way as well as your Body Fat %.  Not only will your clothes fit better but you may be shopping for new ones:-).
  • a $97 value


    • You will receive fit tips and recipes to help with your fitness journey Healthy eating habits are essential in getting fit and beating fat up!
    a $17.95 value


    • FREE at your first class
    • You will be shown how to wrap your hands properly in order to protect your knuckles and wrist. (It looks cool too!)